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Consumer Survivor Info Centre is now SOUND TIMES

We provide information and resources to Consumer/Survivors in the Toronto Centre Local Health Integration Network and others in the Greater Toronto Area. 

We publish a newsletter called The Bulletin twice a month. This newsletter contains information of relevance to consumer/survivors such as articles, drug warnings, newsbytes, workshops and conferences, job postings and free, low cost things to do in the Toronto area. It is a free subscription and people can receive The Bulletin by mail or by email.


We have preserved the rest of this website for historical reference - For future reference please join us at


We have some exciting news about the future of the Consumer/Survivor Information Resource Centre, or “C/S Info”.

We are always looking for ways to reach more people with our services.  With changing technology and demographics, our community’s information needs are changing. We have seen a steady drop in the number of people who visit and call the C/S Info office. Most people are getting information online from various sources.  But many marginalized individuals without computers are not getting good information and are falling further behind. 

The Centre is looking at partnering with other groups as a way to get our services to more people who need them.  We are looking at a closer partnership with Sound Times, a well-established Consumer-Survivor organization that shares our values. 

Our boards of directors have agreed to explore a merger between the Centre and Sound Times to create one, larger organization. We believe that by joining together we will be able to increase our valued services, building on the Bulletin and tax help service, and offer new services to our community.

As you may know, many health care organizations have merged or are considering merging with other organizations 

Organizations have different objectives for merging. C/S Info and Sound Times share the following objectives:

  • To improve and broaden support services offered to the consumer/survivor community.
  • To support stronger and more sustainable consumer/survivor organizations in the community.

The key principles of C/S Info's merger with Sound Times are the following:

  • Effective on or about April 1, 2018, C/S Info will transfer all of its programs and services to Sound Times and Sound Times will assume responsibility for C/S Info's programs and services;
  • Sound Times will be the successor organization in the merger;
  • Sound Times will be reponsible for C/S Info dissolution after the merger is complete.

C/S Info’s board of directors and Executive Director have concluded that C/S Info and, most importantly, our community will benefit from a merger with Sound Times.  Sound Times is a much larger organization and has more resources and different skills than C/S Info. We can do things together that the C/S Info cannot do on its own.  For example, together we could look at how to bring our information services to where people are in different parts of city – shelters, drop-ins, and other locations.

This is an exciting time for C/S Info, and we will keep you informed about the transition through the Bulletin and other ways.

Thank you,

Christine Miranda - Executive Director of C/S Info

Lana Frado - Executive Director of Sound Times



A time when people in the GTA affected by mental health and/or addiction challenges have the resources they need to live a full and meaningful life.

Mission Statement

Drawing on the collective knowledge and lived experience of the mental health and addictions community, C/S Info provides information and resources to improve the quality of life and sense of community for all.


C/S Info values:

  • The insights and contributions of people with lived experience of mental health and/or addictions
  • Embracing diversity and various understandings of mental health
  • The right to self-determination and self-advocacy

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